Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t Stop Believin’ is an anthem by ‘Journey’. The song was released as a single from their seventh album ‘Escape’ In 1981. The song became popular again after being featured in the last scene of HBO’s TV show ‘The Sopranos’, and again as the first song being performed in the television musical ‘Glee’.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party is a Shawn Mendes song. It appeared in his extended play ‘The Shawn Mendes EP’ and his debut album, ‘Handwritten’ in 2014.


Superheroes is a song by the Irish band ‘The Script’ from 2014 for their fourth studio album, ‘No Sound Without Silence’. According to Danny O’Donoghue, the band’s lead vocalist, Superheroes was written for “the unsung heroes in the world”.


Superheroes is a song by the Irish band ‘The Script’ from 2014 for their fourth studio album, ‘No Sound Without Silence’. According to Danny O’Donoghue, the band’s lead vocalist, Superheroes was written for “the unsung heroes in the world”.

Almost is Never Enough

Almost is Never Enough is a duet between Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes from the boy band ‘The Wanted’. The first version of the songs is the soundtrack version from the 2013 film ‘The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones’. The second, and longer, version of the song was included in Grande’s debut album, Yours Truly’.


Hallelujah is a Leonard Cohen song from his 1984 album Various Positions. The song became popular after being covered by John Cale, and inspired by him, another cover by Jeff Buckley. Buckley’s cover is the most popular version of the song. Buckley’s cover increased its popularity after being featured in the movie ‘Shrek’ in 2001.[…]

River Flows in You

River Flows in You is Yiruma’s most-known and No.1 selling piece, from his 2001 album, First Love.

Piano Man

Piano Man is Billy Joel’s first single. The original key of the song is in C Major, but currently Joel plays the song one tone lower, in the key of B-flat Major.

Rather Be

Rather Be is a song by Clean Bandits from their debut album, New Eyes from 2014. The song won the 2015 Grammy Award for ‘Best Dance Recording’ and includes a violin, bass, synthesizer, piano and vocals.


Summer is a Calvin Harris song from his fourth album, Motion. Harris is a recording artist, but he sings in this song.

My Immortal

My Immortal is a piano rock song from the debut album of the American rock band Evanescence. Ben Moody, the band’s guitarist, wrote the song except the bridge, which was written by their singer, Amy Lee.

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up is by Avicii released in 2013. He composed it with Mike Einziger (the co-writer and guitarist of Incobus) and Aloe Blacc wrote the lyrics.

10,000 Reasons

10,000 Reasons is performed by Matt Redman. It’s the fourth song in his 2011 album of the same name.

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud is Ed Sheeran’s third single from his second album ‘x’ in 2014. Sheeran described the song as a “walking down the aisle song” for a wedding.

See You Again

See You Again is a song written for the action film Furious 7. It was written by DJ Frank E along with Charlie Milner, Andrew Cedar, Wiz Khalifa (who recorded the song) and Charlie Puth (who was featured in the song). The song is a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident[…]

How To Save A Life

How to Save a Life is The Fray’s second single, from their debut album of the same name. Issac Slade, the vocal leader of the band, said the song is influenced from his experience of being a mentor at a camp of troubled teenagers.

Counting Stars

Counting Stars is one of the most successful singles of OneRepublic and one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song was written by Ryan Tedder, the lead singer of the band, for their third album, “Native” in 2013.

Say Something

‘Say Something’ is a song by the indie pop duo ‘A Great Big World’. The song was released three times; The first release was in 2011 for Ian Axel’s solo album, ‘This is the New Year’. The second release was the duo’s release in September 2013. That second version gained popularity from being used in the[…]

Bad Blood

Bad Blood is Taylor Swifts single from their fifth album, ‘1989’, from 2014.

Take Me To Church

Take Me to Church is Hozier’s song from his debut album of the same name (2013), and later on from his 2014 debut album, ‘Hozier’. Hozier wrote this song to express his frustrations with the catholic church and its stance on homosexuality.

All Of Me

All of Me is John Legend’s biggest hit. This tender piano ballad was written by Legend, who wrote the song with Toby Gad for his fourth studio album, Love in the Future, in 2013.

Let Her Go

Let Her Go is a song by British singer-songwriter Passenger. It was released in July 2014 and got a lot of attention. It was one of the most performed songs at the time.

Im Not The Only One

I’m Not the Only One was Sam Smith’s fourth single from his debut album, ‘In the Lonely Hour’ from 2014.


Sugar is a Maroon 5 song, that was released in 2015. On Maroon 5’s video clip, the band jumped from one wedding to another in LA and played to a hall of very surprised, and excited guests!

Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson, a music producer, recorded this song for his fourth studio album. Ronson features Bruno Mars for the vocal part. The two worked together on Mars’ songs: “Gorilla”, “Locked out of Heaven” and “Moonshine”. The song was a big success and was number one on several charts, such as ‘Billboard 100′ and the ‘UK[…]

Shake it Off

This Taylor Swift dance-pop song is from her fifth album, ‘1989’ released in 2014.