JoyTunes is making it possible for anyone to learn to play a musical instrument, and we're growing big time - over 1 million songs played every week!

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5 Reasons to Join

  • Make a difference – we’re reinventing a traditional field that has remained the same for centuries. And it’s working.
  • Have fun – our everyday work revolves around music and games. It’s really a lot of fun.
  • Grow – we put a big emphasis on professional growth. We have a culture of studying what we did and improving ourselves and we actively encourage every team member to take on more responsibility.
  • Work with passion – We’re all super passionate about what we do and take pride in working on things that matter.
  • Location – we’re based near Shderot Yehudit in Tel Aviv, a 5 minute walk from the train station so it’s easy for everyone.

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The tale of JoyTunes (worth a read, there are mermaids at the end)

One typical day, Yuval, who would soon become a co-founder and CEO of a company called JoyTunes, went to visit his brother and Tom, his 8 year old nephew. After some general chit chat, Tom demanded Yuval’s full attention; Tom couldn’t wait any longer to show Yuval his accomplishments. What had this youngster done? Tom boasted with pride over his high scores on his favorite Wii games. While impressed with how his nephew had progressed in these games, Yuval was disappointed to learn that Tom’s piano lessons were not approached with the same amount of enthusiasm. Yuval’s brother confessed that getting Tom to practice playing the piano was a real struggle. Each time he tried to encourage him to practice, the result was an unhappy child and an argument. An idea came to Yuval; he thought about leveraging the gaming technology that was so exciting to Tom with the best musical methodologies to create an engaging way for Tom to practice playing the piano. Yuval quickly enlisted the talents of friend and future CTO Roey and accomplished musician and future Musical Director Yigal. With the three minds hard at work, it wasn’t long before the idea became a reality and JoyTunes was introduced to the world. JoyTunes has come a long way since then. By adding an ever-growing team of internationally renowned musicians, rockstar gamers, and respected educators and child psychologists, JoyTunes is leading the technology in the music education revolution by continually combining the latest gaming features with musical content to create some of the best performing apps and online resources. As Yuval, Roey, Yigal and the rest of the company look towards the future, the ability to enable everyone and anyone to learn to play an instrument drives the company every day and in every way. Mermaids.